Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Advantage Can AAE Provide?

At AAE, we have a number exclusive benefits and advantages that we’re able to provide each of our valued clients. These include our:

    1. Competitive pricing;
    2. Continuous Improvement Program;
    3. Decades of experience with both North American and global customers;
    4. Excellent quality and turn time performance;
    5. Product Improvement Engineering Analysis; and
    6. Partnership Promise. 

AAE, Engineering Tomorrow… Today.

What Kind of Experience Does AAE Have?

Since 1949, AAE has been working with Canadian, U.S., and foreign militaries to meet their manufacturing and R&O requirements on aerospace, marine, and land-based equipment and parts. But, more than just being a military specialist, AAE also has extensive experience on the civil/commercial side of the aerospace industry that allows us to meet the needs of operators and OEMs alike. 

Can AAE Make Custom Parts to Fit Specific Requirements?

In addition to being able to manufacture parts to meet your specifications, our experienced engineers can study your documentation and needs to determine if there are ways to improve upon that part to save you time and operating cost in the long-term. It’s something we call Product Improvement Engineering Analysis, and is one of the strengths that sets us apart from our competition. 

Does AAE Only Provide Services to Military Customers?

While AAE is definitely a specialist when it comes to the needs of our military customers, we have an increasing base on the civil/ commercial side of the aerospace industry, as well. Civil aerospace allows us to leverage our existing military experience, knowledge, manufacturing base, and networks — since many military aircraft are derived from commercial models (or vice versa). 

Who Are Some of AAE's Major Customers?

Some of the major companies and militaries/ government departments that AAE works with include:

  • AgustaWestland
  • Austal USA
  • BAE Systems
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Bombardier
  • Canadian Department Of National Defence
  • General Dynamics
  • Honeywell
  • Huntington Ingalls Industries
  • L3 Communications
  • Marinette Marine, and
  • The U.S. Navy.

What Kind of Manufacturing Capabilities Does AAE Have?

At AAE, we’re able to custom design and manufacture parts for almost any needs you may have, whether Aerospace, Marine, or Land. One of our Transport Canada approvals even allows us to certify aeronautical products that we manufacture. 

As to our existing and ongoing standard manufacturing capabilities, they include:

  1. Aerospace: Check Valves, Fuel Filters, Hydraulic Filters, Tach Generators, and Voltage Regulators.
  2. Marine: Fuel Filter Separators, Fuel Prefilters, Gas Turbine Air Start Filters, and Lube Oil Separators.
  3. Land: Electrical Dynamic Component Test Stands and Hydraulic Test Stands.

What Kind of R&O Capabilities Does AAE Have?

Among AAE’s numerous R&O capabilities are:

  1. Dimensional inspections, including CMM capabilities
  2. Dynamic & static balancing 
  3. Established outsourcing networks and part suppliers
  4. In-house machining capabilities
  5. Non-destructive testing and inspection (MPI, LPI, and others)
  6. Painting, cadmium plating, and chrome plating
  7. Parts reworking and refurbishment 
  8. Repairs, overhauls, upgrades, and modifications

Why Should I Choose AAE to Partner With?

At AAE, our focus is not simply on utilizing our extensive experience and capabilities to produce quality work, at a reasonable price, in a timely manner — it is about ensuring the long-term success of each of our valued customers. What that means is our customers not only trust us to produce exactly what they need, they trust our dedicated staff will always go one step further to determine if a solution can be improved upon to save time, money, and hassle in the long-term. That is what we call our Partnership Promise: we work with each client to ensure their success both today and tomorrow.

AAE, Engineering Tomorrow… Today.