Design Comparison – U.S. Navy (Centrifugal Purifiers)

Summarized Design Comparison Between Centrifugal/Rotary Purifier Versus Filter/Separator

Aircraft Appliances (AAE) was approached by the U.S Navy to replace existing Centrifugal Purifiers in the Lube Oil Purification System with Filter Separators. AAE’s Study and testing eliminated the need for Centrifugal Separators in the Lube Oil Purification system of U.S. Navy vessels.

10 Hp Motor  and power consumed for heating hot water for flushing Minimal needed for control panel.

Item Description Centrifugal Purifier AAE Filter Separator
1 Application Uniform performance for any
range of mixture JP-5. Lube Oil and Water
Maximum performance up to 40% of water contamination
2 Cost:
a.  Capital Equipment Installation and Support Equipment
b.  Maintenance Cost Annually
c.   Service and Contract
3 Storage and Disposal Storage space depending on number of units. It varies but a
minimum of 150 Cubic Feet
Storage space- Only for elements and Gaskets 20 Cubic Feet.
4 Power
Item Description Centrifugal Purifier AAE Filter Separator
5 Hot and Cold Water Supply Yes None Needed
6 Down Time for Maintenance
2 Weeks 1 Day
7 Manpower Skill Requirement High Average
8 Weight 2,000 Lbs 1,800 Lbs