USS Arleigh Burke (DDG-51), Carlos M. Vazquez II Photo/U.S. Navy

Duplex-configured Marine Filters/ Separators

Manufacturing, Repair & Overhaul Capabilities

Photo Details: 400 GPM JP-5 Filter/ Separator for CVN77


To learn more about the Duplex-configured Marine Filters/ Separators that AAE manufactures, Repairs & Overhauls for a variety of ships, please Contact Us with your questions.

Product (fits Ship Model/ Type) Part No.
Duplex Fuel Oil Strainer (LHA-1 to LHA-5)  711475
Duplex Fuel Oil Coalescer (DD963 to DD996)  711515
Duplex Fuel Oil Strainer (DD963 to DD997)  711564
Duplex Fuel Oil Coalescer (DD997)  712485
Duplex Fuel Oil Coalescer (CG47 to CG59)  712485-1
Duplex Filter/ Separator (DDH280 to DDG248)


Trump Duplex Filter/ Separator (DDH280 to DDG248)  740506


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