JP-5 Filter Separator Comparison of 4” Element Versus 6” Element

Aircraft Appliances (AAE) was approached by the U.S Navy to help identify areas of potential improvement for the Fuel System of future Aircraft Carriers. AAE suggested changing the size of the separation media currently used in the 2000 GPM Filter Separators installed on the Carriers. AAE’s proposal was to increase the size of the Coalescer and Separation elements from the standard 4 inch diameter element to a 6 inch diameter element. The benefits the Navy would realize from the change included a significant reduction in vessel size, weight and maintenance costs (fewer elements to replace).

The existing 2000 GPM Filter Separators used the 4 inch elements and a CuNi vessel with an overall dry weight of 10,600 lbs Compared to AAE’s Stainless Steel vessel using 6 inch elements and having an overall dry weight of 5220 Lbs. By using the 6 inch elements AAE was able to use a vessel diameter of 48 inches compared to the previous vessel using 4 inch elements and having a diameter of 78 inches giving a 40% reduction in diameter.

The 6 inch Coalescer and Separation Elements are approved by both MIL-F15618F and API 4th Edition.

AAE has used the 6 Inch elements for Fuel Filter Separators in most ship platforms and now includes them in our Lube Oil Filter Separators for many various U.S. Navy ships.